General Information

Your assessor does not set your property tax. Your tax bill is determined by multiplying a tax rate against your assessed value (60% of market value). Remember, the assessor determines your assessed value and the levy rate is determined by the legislature (for the board of education), the county commission, the municipalities and levy rates passed by voters. Levy rate sheets are prepared for your convenience and may be obtained in the Assessor's Office.

State and local officials need to work harder together for jobs in Harrison County. The best way to attract business or new industry is to show business executives that we run efficient offices as elected officials. My vision since I have served as your Assessor is to have fairness and equality in assessing practices. My mission has been to maintain a standard of excellence as prescribed by WV State Code, by meeting or exceeding the expectations of the taxpayer first, the West Virginia Legislature and the State Tax Department. I along with members of my staff in the Assessor's office strive for 100% taxpayer satisfaction by offering services, patience and a positive attitude in solving problems or resolving complaints. I feel I have the trust, support, and sincere cooperation of the citizens of Harrison County in our efforts to be fair and equal to all during the valuation process. They understand our responsibilities as required by law.

Since legislation was passed in 1990 giving the job of appraisals back to County Assessors, WV Code mandates all property (Real and Personal) to be appraised at current market value and be assessed at 60% of this value on annual basis. The WV Department of Tax and Revenue conducts an annual monitoring process where state personnel check to see if we have verified sales, updated our maps, prepared a cost study and maintained our values at market.

My office must maintain values in the manner described by law and the Property Valuation and Training Procedures Commission.

The Assessor does not determine your taxes. Your property tax bill is determined by the levy rates against the assessed value. The levy rates are determined by the legislature (for the Board of Education), the county commission, the municipalities and levies passed by the voters. Questions on levy rates should be addressed to the appropriate Levying body. Questions concerning value placed on your property should be addressed to the Assessor's Office. My doors are always open to any taxpayer to discuss the value placed on your real property. I want to help in any way I can. I, with the help of my staff, have implemented many processes to help us to help you.

We have provided a preprinted and online assessment form for all individual personal property residents for easier filing of an assessment. If the property you own on July 1, 2024 is the same as July 1 2023, all a property owner needs to do is sign and return by mail to file their assessment.

Implementation of a GIS Mapping system allows property owners access to maps online and at our office. Digital photography of all properties has been integrated with GIS and CAMA (Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal) to assist property owners, appraisers, realtors and attorneys.

Our office strives daily to find more efficient ways to serve the taxpayers of Harrison County. This website was developed exclusively with this goal in mind. We strive to treat each and every taxpayer with the same courtesies and maintain the valuations of their personal and real property using consistent and accurate processes.


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