Business Returns


As a business owner in the State of West Virginia, your business personal property is subject to ad valorem taxes. Tangible personal property includes material items such as animals, watercrafts, aircrafts, motor vehicles, furniture, fixtures, machinery and equipment, tools, dies, jigs, patterns, and stock in trade (including inventories, supplies, materials in process, and other similar items). This tax is based on personal property owned by your business on July 1 of every year.

House Bill #2618, passed on April 8, 1989, amends West Virginia Code § 11-3-12, and mandates that Personal Property Returns are due on or before September 1 each year. West Virginia Code requires that we estimate personal property tax assessments for all businesses that fail to file a return by September 1. Persons who fail to file or file late forfeit all rights of appeal and are subject to penalties.

We have prepared these instructions to assist you in fulfilling your obligations as a business taxpayer. Our office is trying to make this process an easier one for the business taxpayers of Harrison County. The following will answer some questions you may have when filing the Commercial Business Property Return.

Basic Business Information (page 1)

It is important to make certain this section is filled out accurately and completely, in order to ensure proper assessment and billing. If a printed label is on the form, please verify that the information is correct. If the information is incorrect, make the necessary changes. Please state the actual location of your business in West Virginia.

Property you lease from others (page 1)

Please list all property you lease from others, with date acquired and cost of machinery & equipment, furniture & fixtures, and/or gross annual rent. We must have the name, address, and phone number of the property owner and the property leased. Attach additional sheets if necessary.

Real Estate (page 1)

Item I: List all Harrison County real estate property owned by your company. Description asked for is the district, map, and parcel number; which can be found on your tax statements.

Item II: List improvements or deletions.

Buildings on Leased Land (page 1)

If you own any buildings situated on land belonging to someone else, you must list the name and address of the landowner. Also list map and parcel number if known.

SCHEDULE A (page 2)

Machinery & Equipment, Furniture & Fixtures, Leasehold Improvements, Computers: List all of the above in the calendar year of purchase and purchase cost. Property that is owned and still in use, but which has been fully depreciated or written off MUST be reported.

Computer equipment is to be listed separately to receive correct depreciation (five year life).

Any property which has been fully depreciated and is NO LONGER USED as part of the production process should be reported on “Schedule G – Salvage Value Machinery & Equipment.”

What are leasehold improvements? Leasehold improvements are any permanent improvements and/or additions, exclusive of buildings, to leased property which have been made by the lessee. (i.e. remodeling, wallpaper, carpet, etc.) All leasehold improvements are to be reported on Schedule A.

West Virginia Code Chapter 11, Article 6J provides that the value of servers and tangible personal property directly used in a high-technology field or an Internet advertising business shall be its salvage value. The terms “high-technology business” and “Internet advertising business” are defined in West Virginia Code §11-15-9h. In order to receive salvage valuation treatment the high-technology business activity or Internet advertising business activity of the company must be the primary business activity and not a secondary or incidental activity of the company.

SCHEDULE B (page 3)

Inventory, Consigned Inventory, Parts, Supplies: Taxpayer is to report all consigned goods, supplies, parts, inventory, and merchandise for resale; in warehouse or storage.

Vehicle / Mobile Home / Manufactured Home Dealers: Dealers of new and used motor vehicles, motorcycles, recreation vehicles, trailers, mobile homes, and manufactured homes, farm equipment are required to complete and attach the “Vehicle Dealers Inventory Worksheet” in place of Schedule B. Please read the instructions on the worksheet carefully before completing it, as some exemptions may apply.

All dealers must submit an Income Statement to support information appearing on the worksheet.

Warehouse Freeport Tax Amendment: This exemption generally applies to industrial accounts that are assessed by the State. This exemption does not apply to Natural Resources Inventory.

SCHEDULE C (page 3)

Machinery & Tools in Process of Installation: Machinery or tools purchased, but not yet installed, are reported here.

SCHEDULE D (page 3)

Other Personal Property: Other personal property may include business libraries, reference books, in addition to storage buildings, and furniture and fixtures in process of construction.

List cost and date acquired of all other personal property not reported on other schedules.

SCHEDULE E (page 3)

Vehicles, Trailers, Boats, Aircraft and Mobile Homes: (Provide additional copies for each location)

We must have a complete listing of all licensed and unlicensed vehicles titled in the name of the company, including year purchased and cost new. If you have more than four vehicles, please attach a separate list. Property you are leasing must be reported on Page 1 in section titled Report of Property You Lease from Others.


Failure to file the necessary information will result in your vehicles, trailers, etc. being priced according to the highest value for that item.

We need the following information to price your vehicles, trailers, etc. properly:

Automobiles: Year, make, model, vehicle identification number, 2- or 4-wheel drive, date acquired, and purchase price.

Trucks and Small Trailers: Year, make, model, vehicle identification number, 2- or 4-wheel drive, size (½ or ¾ ton), date acquired, and purchase price.

Large Trucks: Year, make, model, vehicle identification number, gross weight, number of axles, date acquired, and purchase price.

Trailers: Year, make, model, vehicle identification number, type (van, tanker, refrigerator, dump, flatbed, etc.), length, number of axles, date acquired, and purchase price. For tankers, please list gallon capacity.

Breeding Age Sheep and Goats: New legislation passed which requires the county assessor to collect a fee of $1.00 on all breeding age sheep and goats. This money will be used to help fund the USDA Coyote Control Program.

Please include a check or money order for this tax.

SCHEDULE F (page 4)

Incomplete Construction: The cost, new, of any materials for buildings, additions, or improvements which are incomplete and therefore are not assessed as real property must be reported here.

SCHEDULE G (page 4)

Salvage Value Machinery and Equipment: List cost new, of all machinery and equipment which has been fully depreciated and is NO LONGER USED AS PART OF THE PRODUCTION PROCESS. These items should not be reported on Schedule A.

SCHEDULE H (page 4)

Pollution Control Facilities: All pollution control facilities installed after July 1, 1973, and approved by the Water Resource Division of DNR or Air Pollution Control should be listed with location, year installed, and original cost.

The State Department of Tax & Revenue provides our office with a list of all qualified equipment.


Type of Business Entity: Please check one: Corporation, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, or Other.

Description of Business Activity: Please describe your principal activity of business.

Enter Federal Employers Identification Number (FEIN) ) REQUIRED and Business Registration Account ID.

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code: Please list the NAICS Code for your particular business, if you do not know your code, leave this line blank.

Additional forms required: Please make sure you include a copy of your Depreciation Schedule and Balance Sheet or Schedule C with your return.

Please sign, date and return the form to:

Harrison County Assessor
229 South 3rd Street
Clarksburg, WV 26301


Harrison County Assessor's Office
229 South 3rd Street
Clarksburg, WV 26301
P: 304-624-8510 F: 304-626-1066